Chloe And Halle Bailey Trend After Video Shows Their Opposite Reactions To A Crying Fan

Chloe And Halle Bailey Trend After Video Shows Their Opposite Reactions To A Crying Fan

The Bailey sisters had Twitter users in stitches early Friday. As the internet often does, it got ahold of a throwback video featuring Chloe and Halle. Back when they frequented their joint Instagram, the Bailey talents often hosted live sessions with fans. Well, Halle and Chloe claimed a trending spot after a resurfaced session showed their opposite reactions to a crying fan.

In just under one-and-a-half minutes, the Bailey sisters pretty much mirrored their hit roles on the ABC show Grown-ish. Chloe was very much giving Jazz Foster, while Halle had Sky down to T. If you know, you know!  

The viral clip begins with the young fan speaking through tears. It’s unclear how old or long the video is or why exactly the fan was sobbing–could be fan love or personal obstacles.

Some online users even pointed out the sisters’ astrological signs. Star lovers seemed to think the video shows the Cancer in Chloe and Aries in Halle!

Tears And Smirks

At the top of the clip, Halle says to the fan “we love you and we thank you for joining” with her head tilted to the side and resting on her palm. Meanwhile, Chloe held her hands near her mouth before responding, “oh my gosh, I’m sending you so much love.” She continued, “whatever you’re going through, you got it, don’t worry.”

In between sobs, the fan responded “okay thank you so much.”

“You’re so sweet you’re going to make me cry,” Chloe added. “It’s going to be okay.”

But sisters or not, people just react differently to certain situations. Chloe was crying and Halle was watching calmly and respectfully.

After the fan’s call end, Chloe said it “messed her up” and Halle’s answered “why.”

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