Chris Brown Disses Quavo In New Track 'Weakest Link' (LISTEN)

Chile! Chris Brown Goes IN On Quavo In New Diss Track ‘Weakest Link’ (LISTEN)

Roommates, Chris Brown spun the block on Quavo for a second time this month! Early Saturday (April 20), Chris released ‘Weakest Link,’ name-dropping the Migos rapper and a few other allegations!

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Breezy Claims He Slept With Saweetie In New Diss Track

Brown didn’t hold back on the two-and-a-half-minute song! He addressed a few topics and left the innanet with more questions about specific allegations! In one verse, Breezy claims it’s “cool” that Quavo slept with his “ex-ho,” seemingly referencing Karrueche Tran.

She and the rapper were rumored to be dating between 2017 and 2022, but the actress told The Shade Room in March 2022 that they were not.

In ‘Weakest Link,’ Breezy seemingly gave Quavo a pass with Karrueche, implying he got his get-back by sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Saweetie.

“…’Cause I f**ked yo’ ex when you were still with her b***h, I’m up lil n***a / They say revenge sweet, now think about that sh*t / Don’t let that line go over your head, I might just sing about that sh*t /I had her feinding ’bout that d**k there’s something sweet about that sh*t / I got some tea up out that b**ch, but I ain’t go speak about that sh*t.”

Brown also shot back at Quavo’s comments about his past domestic violence incident. Breezy mentioned the elevator tussle video between Quavo and Saweetie that went viral in 2021.

“Stop talkin’ bout beating girls, you was beatin’ b*****s on the. elevator / We seen the tapes, that’s devastatin’ (Brr, baow, baow) / You doin’ bad, you a b***h  and your music trash.”

What Else Did Breezy Say?

Breezy also dropped a bar that has the innanet in shambles. He referenced the death of Quavo’s nephew and groupmate, Takeoff.

“R.I.P. Takeoff, he the only real one, I got true respect / Crazy how when he died, everybody really wished it was you instead (Oh shit! Brr) / You trippin’, Chris, don’t say that, don’t lose your head (Damn) / You done turned the big bad wolf on, these f**k n*****s never knew revenge (Woo) / This what happens when a f**k n***a push a real n***a out to the edge (Yeah)”

Before the Takeoff reference, Breezy also clarified his thoughts on the viral photo of him and Quavo seated next to each other at Paris Fashion Week. Paps snapped the viral picture in January at the Rhude Menswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 showcase, per HipHop DX.

Chris addressed the seating back then in an Instagram comment, claiming he couldn’t pick who to sit next to. He added, “F**k all that growth sh*t. N***a not finna fumble my bag for little n****s.” 

It turns out that Chris wanted to break Quavo’s face at the show, per his ‘Weakest Link’ lyrics.

“Fashion week, they sat me next to your lame a*s, I was truly mad (What?) / All I kept thinkin’ ’bout was breakin’ your face, but I gave you a pass (What?) / You lucky I ain’t wanna f**k the money up, boy, I would’ve broke you in half (Brrah, baow).”

Breezy ended ‘Weakest Link’ with, “My mental state ain’t ever stable, I know this sh*t gon’ sting, n***a (Bah, Grrah) / I’ll run yo’ a*s through the wringer, n***a, you just got bodied by a singin’ n***a.” 

This Is Seemingly The Second Time Chris Dissed Quavo This Month

To backtrack, this is seemingly the second track Chris has aimed at Quavo. The first was ‘Freak’ on April 11, via his ’11:11′ deluxe album.

Brown didn’t put an @ on it then, but fans speculated he was dissing Quavo with a double-entendre of the rapper’s stage name.

“Okay, now f**kin’ my old b***h ain’t gon’ make us equal / Sippin’ that 1942 ’cause I don’t do no Cuervo / Freak b***h, she like the Casamigos, not the Migos / I don’t f**k with bougie b****es, man, that sh*t is all hype,” Brown rapped on ‘Freak.’

Still, Quavo seemingly clapped back just two days after ‘Freak’ dropped with the song ‘Tender.’ The Atlanta rapper seemed to throw shade over Chris’ past with domestic violence and rumors of drug use.

In the chorus of ‘Tender’ Quavo raps:

“You did the b***h wrong and now the b***h gone, she posted with a thug (Yeah, with a thug) / Call the b***h phone, she won’t come home, don’t beat her up (Don’t beat her up) / It must be the drugs (It must be the drugs), need to cross out your plug yeah-yeah.”

It’s still unclear what prompted the beef, though the internet speculates that Quavo’s rumored romance with Karrueche did. In 2017, there were also reports that Migos and Chris Brown’s entourages got into a heated altercation at the BET Awards afterparty. Brown reportedly left unharmed, but Quavo was allegedly pushed, per Billboard.

At this time, it doesn’t look like Quavo has responded to Chris Brown’s latest drop. But the innanet is having a kii over an R&B singer going head-to-head with a rapper!

Keep scrolling to see some X reactions. 

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