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Chris Brown’s Dancer Kisses Him On Stage (Video)

Roommates, Chris Brown has embarked on another tour and as of late it feels like his shows have been filled with onstage shenanigans!

After a recent show cancellation Chris has recuperated and is back on stage in front of team breezy, but a recent tour stop in Detroit has left fans stunned after one of his dancers gave him a lil’ lip motivation right in the middle of a song. That’s right! You read that correctly, Chris and one of his dancers been lockin’ lips on stage!

Check out the video below:


Now, there’s no word on whether this was a happy accident or staged (no pun intended). But the action alone was enough to have a few team breezy fans up in arms! We can’t put the blame all on Chris now, aside from his on stage shenanigans, fans have been cuttin’ up all tour long! One fan especially wanted to give Chris a VERY direct message and shot her shot while he was on stage. Check out this video:

Sis was BOLD bold! To be honest, I can’t even blame her, she saw an opportunity and she took it. Despite Breezy being on this fan’s mind, clearly he has someone else on his, cause lately he’s been showing a lot of love to his alleged baby mama, Ammika Harris, on Instagram.


While Chris is on tour he’s been very quiet about allegedly being a father twice over. He hasn’t addressed the rumors of having a son on the way and doesn’t seem like he has plans to. But it IS sweet seeing him show love to baby mama #2.. allegedly of course. As far as the rest of the tour, Chris will be hitting a city near you. If you haven’t copped your tickets yet, make sure to go out there and support Chris!


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