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Chris Sails Admits To Faking An Instagram Post To Prove A Point To His Followers 

We all know that social media has become a primary tool when people would like to get a message out to the masses, and recently YouTuber Chris Sails used his social media platform to deliver a specific message to his followers.

On Wednesday, Chris uploaded a video to his Instagram account and said, “Bro my Bm hitting me and sh*t! Crazy a**! I’ve been staying out of drama, didn’t touch her at all so I ain’t tryna hear no ‘Chris put his hands on a female.’ This how it usually happens every time and then you defend yourself by pushing a female off you and you the one that still gets in trouble.”

His caption was accompanied by a surveillance video of a woman ringing his doorbell and screaming to give her, her son. Chris then walks outside of his home and is chased back inside by the woman.

On Thursday, Chris went on his Instagram live to reveal that the whole situation was fake, and he only did that to prove a point.

He said, “That video of yesterday of me and my baby mom, that wasn’t my baby mom, that was fake. I wanted ya’ll to see how f*cked up society is. First of all if a guy was to hit a female like that, all hell would break loose. But the moment a female hits a guy, that make fun of it. I didn’t see none of the comments ‘Chris you okay?’ ‘Awww that’s messed.’ ‘Why she do that?’ Or this or that. Everybody was making fun of it…literally everybody.”

As many of you know, Chris Sails is the ex-husband to R&B singer/ YouTuber Queen Naija, and they share one child together.


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