#YouTube star #ChrisSails is reportedly back behind bars y’all, after a judge revoked his bond this morning during court.

He was released over the weekend after he was arrested Friday for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend #ParkerMcKenna. He has since denied the allegations made in the police report.

He had to go back to court this morning where a judge remanded him back into custody because his bond was actually revoked in a separate pending criminal case over allegations that he impersonated a police officer, @blast reports.

That arrest also occurred in Houston, where Chris currently resides, and where the incident involving Parker happened.

In case y’all aren’t familiar with the details on the assault, we exclusively broke the story about Chris’ arrest regarding the September 10th incident. That was when Parker claims Chris attacked her during an argument over a dude being in her DMs.

She told police Chris repeatedly slapped her, punched her in the face and strangled her during the assault. She said she tried to defend herself because she thought “she was going to die.”

Police found that Parker had suffered abrasions consistent with being strangled around her neck. They also noted that she had a black eye, a swollen face, and multiple dark bruises and abrasions on her body following the alleged attack. Authorities were able to grant her an order of emergency protection against Chris.

With the physical evidence of the attack, police said they felt they had probable cause to arrest Chris on suspicion of assault on a “family member” and impeding the breathing of the victim.

We’ll keep you updated on this one, #Roommates.

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