Chrisean Rock Accuses Blueface Of Physically Assaulting Her

Chrisean Rock Accuses Blueface Of Physically Assaulting Her

Chrisean Rock has accused Blueface of physical assault. According to TMZ, the incident occurred on the morning of Thursday, December 21, in California.

To note, Blueface is also being investigated by authorities in Utah for a separate incident.

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Chrisean Rock Alleges Blueface Assaulted Her

According to TMZ, Chrisean Rock took to Instagram Live Thursday morning. At the time, she explained to viewers that Blueface acted like he wanted to see Chrisean Jr and requested Rock come to his house.

When she arrived, Rock alleged that Blueface “socked” her in her stomach and face.

“…Socked my in my stomach, in my face, telling me to the get out the car,” Rock explained, recalling the alleged encounter to viewers. “I didn’t get out the car ’cause I’m sitting here like… He must be drunk, so he’s feeling himself. But he literally socked me.”

Rock explained that she was trying to get out of her car when the incident occurred. Additionally, she alleged that Blueface punched her while she was holding Chrisean Jr.

In footage of the Instagram Live, chronicled by Instagram account @livebitez, Rock pointed the camera at Blueface as she remained seated in her car.

“Show them your bloody hands… You’ve got bloody hands,” Rock yelled at Blueface as he stood outside of the car, seemingly recording from his own device.

Before the footage concluded, Rock explained to Blueface that she had receipts of him requesting her to come to his home. Additionally, she told viewers that she called the police to come to his residence so she could file a report.

Blueface Turns The Camera On Chrisean As The Incident Intensifies

While Chrisean Rock recorded her video, Blueface shared his footage on his Instagram Story. In the clip, now-deleted by Chrisean Rock, Blueface accused her of having the infant in the car with “no car seat” and arriving at his home uninvited.

“No car seat, no nothing — This [is] not even my child, this child looks nothing like me,” Blueface explained. “This b****h is outside of my house for no reason.”

As the video continued, Blueface was heard asking Chrisean Rock to leave.

Watch the NSFW footage by clicking here.

Watch footage of Christian Rock’s Instagram Live, where she also showed her text message exchange with Blueface and deleted his Instagram recording below.

To note, Chrisean has also shared a video of herself detailing the alleged incident on Blueface’s Instagram Story.

Watch the NSFW video here.

Here’s What Has Been Reported Regarding Law Enforcement’s Response

According to TMZ, sources from law enforcement have informed the outlet that no calls have been received from Blueface’s residence. However, on Thursday afternoon, reporter Dennis Byron shared a tweet alleging that Blueface is being investigated for the alleged assault.

The incident is the latest that Blueface has made headlines since revealing he took a secret paternity test on Chrisean Jr. As The Shade Room previously reported, the rapper shared this news earlier this month and alleged that the test revealed the infant is not his child.

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Furthermore, Blueface made headlines after inciting a fight between Jaidyn Alexis and a fan at a recent Salt Lake City, Utah, concert. In that case, the Salt Lake City Police Department has confirmed an investigation into the rapper.

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