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Chrisette Michele Speaks Out About Cancel Culture & How She’s Compared To Kanye West

The ongoing conversation about “cancel culture” never seems to get away from our timelines. Although there are mixed opinions on the topic, some people don’t believe it’s real, and others believe it only affects certain celebrities. For example, recently, the DaBaby was under fire, and many called for his career to be canceled after he made insensitive comments at Rolling Loud in July. However, after several apologies and his recent performances at the Boosie Bash and Hot 97’s Summer Jam, it appears.


Luckily for DaBaby, he was fortunate to bounce back from being canceled and continue with his career, but this isn’t always the case for other celebrities who have had to deal with public scrutiny. One, in particular, is Chrisette Michele. The former ‘R&B Diva’ had time today to speak on how to cancel culture affected her career and how she’s constantly being compared to Kanye West. On her Instagram page, she reshared a tweet from Jawn Murray that The Jasmine Brand posted.

Jawn tweeted, “Since our culture is so hyped about Kanye West’s #Donda album, it’s time to UNcancel @ChrisetteM! I hated her singing at 45’s inauguration… But #ChrisetteMichele never disrespected our history/ancestors; didn’t rock a MAGA hat; & never ran a covert campaign to sway an election!” If you recall, Chrisette was subjected to public scrutiny after she performed at Donnie’s 2017 Inauguration after Black folks said she shouldn’t have taken the check. Chrisette shared a lengthy note addressing Jawn’s tweet. She wrote that she thinks most of the comments on the topic are well intended, but she isn’t really attached to the conversation results but agreed it was an interesting topic.

Although it’s been five years since the event, many Roommates came to her defense, saying that she was never canceled. R&B singer tank also said that no one could cancel Chrisette because cancel culture is not real. Tank commented, “It has been a difficult business for Black women, but lately Black women have been shinning in every genre! It’s time for you to do what you do! Never let social media, people, family, or anybody dictate your calling! Let’s go!! We need some new music NOW!.”


Hopefully, Chrisette can use this as motivation to release some new music.



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