Christian Keyes Reveals Sexual Harassment By A 'Powerful Man'

Christian Keyes Reveals Sexual Harassment By A “Powerful Man” In Hollywood

Christian Keyes became a trending topic on X on Saturday (December 16) after taking to social media to share he’d been assaulted by a “powerful man” in Hollywood.

The ‘Madea Goes To Jail’ actor made the shocking revelation in a video posted to his Instagram account on Friday (December 15).

Christan Keyes Shares Sexual Harassment In Hollywood

Though he details his experience with the man, he never discloses their actual name.

“Some of them are your heroes, some of them are people who y’all like, ‘Ah, yeah, such and such is amazing, and he does this and he does that,'” Keyes explained. “Yeah, but he also does… this.”

Keyes showed fans a keychain recorder, saying he has kept one on him since 2005. He admitted to wanting to protect himself after the sexual harassment started. “Sometimes, it’s our own people,” Christian Keyes said.

Christian Describes The Sexual Harassment And His Next Moves

The Hollywood man repeatedly harassed him, and Keyes said he rejected the man every time. On a separate occasion, the unidentified man allegedly told Keyes about “young Black men on the payroll” in exchange for showing as requested. In another instance, he says the man appeared at his apartment and offered him $100,000 to “take his clothes off.”

It appeared to be part of the effort to recruit Keyes, but the actor kept asserting his lack of interest. Later in the video, he made it clear that he’s heterosexual, adding that his “policy” is his beard “is the only one in the bed.”

On another note, out of fear that his decision could significantly affect his career, he admitted to having recordings of this particular individual– in case there were repercussions for his refusal to participate.

“The wonderful thing about confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements is that they can’t prevent you from turning all of those things over to the police,” Christian Keyes added. “Because sexual harassment is a crime, attempted sexual assault is a felony.”

Keyes revealed that he’s “tried [his] best to forgive this person,” but it’s something that “bothers him at night” when he’s alone. Christian says he “wants to tell it” — meaning the whole story — “over the mountain,” but his brother convinced him to wait.

Despite the nature of the reveal, Christian Keyes reassured his fans that he’s “good…God got [him]. He claimed to be strategically planning his “next eight moves.” One of those moves includes playing the recordings for the police, though he didn’t specify when.

Social Media Reacts To Christian’s Video

Keyes’ fans have been reacting to the viral video by sharing their thoughts about the situation on his Instagram feed and X. Many have praised him for finding the courage to speak out.

“This is normally much harder for men to come forward,” one person wrote. “Especially since we live in a world where ppl say as a men you should be able to take it. Praying for his healing.”

Another continued, “It is good that he has had the strength to at least talk about this. I just hope that he goes ahead and present whatever evidence he has to the authorities and start the process.”

Meanwhile, one person believed that Cassie’s suing and settlement with Diddy in November had inspired others like Christian Keyes to share their history of sexual harassment abuse in Hollywood.

“I’m Glad that Men like Christian Keyes are Not Ashamed to Speak About Their Experiences.bSending Love & Support to Christian Keyes. Cassie inspired him to Speak his Truth & if he Reveals Everything – The Industry Will NEVER Be The Same .. I STAND With All VICTIMS,” @superstarboss1 wrote.

In his Instagram post, Christian Keyes added that there are male victims as there are women victims.

Watch the full video here.

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