Roommates, it’s been almost 22 years since actress Chrystale Wilson stole the show with every scene in the classic 1998 film, “Player’s Club.” She famously portrayed the fan-favorite character of “Ronnie”—and she just decided to tap into the role once again courtesy of a new Tik Tok video.

Chrystale Wilson used her very first film role to make a lasting impression that fans still can’t get enough of over 20 years later. As “Ronnie,” she is the female villain in “Player’s Club” as the star dancer who recruits the other girls to do a little extra on the side to make ends meet. She also has a vendetta (and fixation) on Diamond, played by LisaRaye, after they ended their brief friendship on bad terms after Ronnie sexually assaulted her at a private party.

From Halloween costumes and social media tributes to online watch parties, “Player’s Club” is still just as popular today as it was when it was initially released in theaters. Chrystale Wilson is apparently aware of the love that fans have for the film because she recently decided to make a Tik Tok and step into Ronnie’s stripper heels one more time.

Reciting the lines, “All right ya’ll, all eyes on me. If I catch you looking at anything else, I’m gon’ beat yo a**.”

She also brought out a long platinum blonde wig to channel her hair in the film…and some knee-high boots to make the look complete. We don’t know about ya’ll, but we loved it. Bravo Chrystale!


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