Ciara Releases Independent Woman Song, Social Media Reacts

LISTEN: Social Media Reacts To Ciara Previewing Girl Power Song ‘For Da Girls That Don’t Need No Man’

Ciara is back in the booth and cooking up an ‘independent woman’ anthem. Last week, the singer teased the track, dubbed ‘For Da Girls,’ across her social media platforms.

Days later, people remain split on the lyrics, especially the line “this is for da girls that don’t need no man.” Fans and critics online are debating the optics of a happily married woman (heyyy Russell Wilson) praising independence.

In the first preview, Ciara sings:

“This is for da girls that get money, this is for da girls that don’t need no man. This is for da girls that’s in love with their self, this is for all the girls that done did it by themselves. This is for all da girls that i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t, this is for all da girls that be living stress free, this is for all the girls on a mission like me.”


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By the end of the clip, Ciara smiles, complimenting her work as “so good.” And while some fans agreed in her Instagram comment section, others took their thoughts in the opposite direction.

“She’s preaching INDEPENDENCE, not STAY SINGLE!!! You can be independently married or independently single too!! Don’t act slow in this comment section,” @milky868 wrote.

“This is embarrassing to watch a married woman sing a song like this. You do not care about the Black women in your community. You could easily make love songs since you are in love with your husband but you are purposefully choosing to make a doing that will encourage the women in our community to stay single bc you know that’s what sells and makes money. Please make it make sense. BRING BACK LOVE SONGS, and stop trying to rob your community,” @slimbrown__ wrote. 

“Us women not playing in 2023 go offff sis we finally learning to put US first and walking away from anything that’s not aligning with our purpose or giving us the desires of our heart and I love that for US let’s goooo,” i_hearttiara wrote.
“Ok I love you Cici but you’re married now let’s change the narrative. We do need men. And it’s not always about money you are a family woman sing about that encourage a generation of wives and mothers but I guess I’ll wait to hear the rest of the song,” @che_che4 wrote.”
“We need more songs promoting togetherness, love and family. We already have enough single ladies, be by yourself music while the entertainers are happily married,” @mslolo247 wrote.”

Twitter Debates ‘Independent Woman’ Anthem While Ciara Continues To Promote Track 

The preview has gained over 159,000 likes on Ciara’s Insta-profile and over 4,800 mixed comments. It didn’t help Ciara’s case that about 24 hours before teasing the anthem, she shared a series of photos from a romantic evening with her husband on what appeared to be Valentine’s Day. The images feature her and her husband, Russell–embracing, smiling, and looking in love outdoors and at a rose-decorated, candle-lit dinner.


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Despite the comment section crucifixion, Ciara’s latest tweet is giving unbothered. On Monday (Feb. 20), she teased the song again on Twitter, accompanied by a TikTok of throwback and recent footage of herself and her career.

“This for all da firls that’s in love with they self. This for all da girls that done did it by they self.” –my forever letter to myself,” Ciara tweeted.

Still, here’s what people on Twitter had to say about the singer’s forthcoming song.


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