Roommates, I know we all secretly (and not so secretly) love a good thirst trap. Especially if it’s coming from Drizzy himself. Drake isn’t one to show off the goods very often, but when he does, HE DOES. Now that Drake is off the European leg of his tour, he’s taken his new private jet to Turks & Caicos for some island fun in the sun. And where there is sun, there is skin!

Drizzy hasn’t posted much since he’s been on his island get away but he DID get on the ‘gram to upload a shirtless picture for all of his 57 million followers to thirst over. In the picture, you can see Drake showing off his tattoos while he wears black swim trunks with a white headband and black sneakers. See picture below:

Looking at the picture, it’s almost impossible NOT to notice his abs. One of his friends not only noticed, but had something to say. It took almost no time before one of Drake’s associates, DJ Carnage, came in his comments making fun of his abs, asking if he secretly got them done in Colombia!

Drizzy clapped right back bringing up a certain mystery woman that Drake apparently had a “thing” with that Carnage felt was his wifey. Interesting… we all know Drake loves him some womensssss, so this really could be anyone!

The tea there is real, okay! But anyway, Carnage backed off after Drake made his lil’ coy remarks but it’s safe to say, Carnage learned his lesson. After his comment he responded back saying “Don’t you dare!”

Really makes you wonder, who they’re talking about? I’m sure DJ Carnage is going to think twice before he steps into Drizzy’s comments poppin’ off again!