CNN Anchor Apologizes After Calling Zetas "Gang Members"!!!

CNN Anchor Apologizes After Calling Zetas “Gang Members”!!!

CNN anchor Erin Burnett publicly apologized to Zeta Phi Beta inc. the other day after she *accidentally* referred to a group of women from the sorority as gang members. 

What happened was as she was describing the many types of people who had shown up to protest for Freddie Gray, she mentioned  that Crips were also there and for some reason the camera cut to the Zetas! Awkward!!

Burnett left this on air statement as an apology:

“A brief note on a segment from earlier this week: We talked with Baltimore Reverend Jamal Bryant about a community town hall he was hosting on Tuesday. He stressed the importance of gang members attending. Immediately after that interview, we showed a live picture of the town hall. I noted the reverend said gang members were attending, along with other members of the community, members of the sorority Zeta Phi Beta were shown in that live picture. We’re sorry if anyone got the impression we were calling that sorority gang members; that wasn’t our intention. Zeta Phi Beta, by the way, is a 95-year old organization which right now is distributing supplies to seniors in Baltimore, cleaning up the city, and getting ready to host a meeting on youth and law enforcement.”

Roommates, do you think it was an accident on Erin’s part or do you think she did it on purpose and is backtracking? Leave us some comments!


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