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Cocktails Delivered at Your Doorstep?!


  How would you like it if you didn’t have to jump in your car and drive to meet with your friends for happy hour? Instead, you can invite friends over and have happy hour at your door step thanks to “Instapour,” a cocktail you’ll want “on-demand!”


According to InStyle magazine, co-founder and CEO of “Instapour,” Paul Steketee came up with a plan to have already prepped drinks delivered to you in an inexpensive and practical way.


 “I stumbled across an account with tons of cocktail images, and everyone in the comments section was asking for the drinks,” CEO Paul Steketee tells InStyle. “I wanted to come up with a seamless way to deliver them.”


Steketee creates a list of drinks to satisfy each individual customer. The recipes that he sells range from his own insight on making tasty cocktails, to gaining inspiration from other recipes he finds through social media. The only twist is he finds a way to make your trip less of a trip as they come already prepped and “ready to pour.”  


Thus far, Steketee is starting his rounds to deliver fast drinks in less than an hour only in New York City and Los Angeles, CA. So if you live in either one of those states, you’re one lucky person!


Instapour only sells rum and tequila based-drinks, but will soon venture off into more of a selection of alcoholic beverages like, gin, rum and vodka. They’re also expected to expand their delivery placements to cities like Chicago and San Fransisco.


To place an order for these happy-hour drinks go to then select between the list of drinks they have available, add-to-cart then place your order. “Instapour” uses Uber and Postmates to make their rounds throughout those popular cities. You can place an order of drinks by quantities, by selecting a your choice of flavored cocktail like the “Caliche Rum” or you can make your order placement a lot swifter by placing a monthly or weekly subscription that allows you to make up to 6-12 cocktails, which all depends on your recipe of choice.

Source Cited:  InStyle

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