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Coi Leray Hints At Breakup From Boyfriend Pressa In Deleted Tweet

Coi Leray let off some tweets hinting at a breakup from her Canadian rapper boyfriend, Pressa.

While the two were once all lovey dovey on the red carpet and on her socials, it now appears that Coi is claiming her free agency as she celebrates the remix to her hit song ‘TWINNEM’ featuring DaBaby.

Coi tweeted and deleted the word “single” before posting a few other tweets that suggest things aren’t sweet between her and Pressa.

“If your n***a let’s you go to sleep mad every night, you need a new n***a,” she wrote. Followed up by, “I don’t owe nobody S**T!!”

Coi Leray’s tune has definitely changed from just five months ago when she was saying Pressa was her man and she was gon’ stick beside him.

The couple’s relationship was the subject of bullying and body shaming after Coi went public with Pressa and gave the Gram a lil PDA.

Coi tweeted a message for everyone who had something to say about Pressa’s appearance. 

“People saying Pressa look like a girl till they see that MF d**k print,” she said.

‘Wild N’Out’ cast member Zoie stepped into The Shade Room, advising Coi to leave info like this to herself. “Girl, keep that info to yourself… I had to learn the hard way bragging about my men back in the day. The folks get curious,” he wrote.

That wasn’t the first time Coi has addressed her relationships or her sexuality.

During an interview with Vlad TV last year, Coi said sometimes she feels like she can take a man’s woman, and that’s just what it is. 

Coi explained that she’s not into girls, but she is attracted to them. 

“I think a lot of bi***es are pretty. I’ll be like damn she’s bad like you know, you feel me,” she said before clarifying that she was straight.



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