Coi Leray & Rolling Ray Exchange Words On Twitter (Photos)

Oop! The drama between Rolling Ray & Coi Leray has reignited. The two are going at it on Twitter, and folks are tuned in. Things were quiet between the two for a while until Coi clapped back at him after he responded to her tweet yesterday where she claimed someone is paying blogs not to post her.
Coi tweeted, “Lol idk what rolling ray talking about, but I do know I prayed for him when he was in the hospital… and still till this day pray for him. Hurt people hurt people! I ain’t gonna say it again !”


Ray was quick to clap back and wrote,

“You saying you were praying for me, but just one month before I entered the coma you were in my city doing uh club event and said f**k me & I can suck uh d**k, but now it’s you were praying for me.. try steal my name & all, bye BIG RED stop stealing cheers. You dropped the spirit stick.”

If you missed the tea yesterday, let us fill you in. Here’s what Coi said.

Ray wasted no time and mentioned Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and other female artists while telling Coi,

“What is there to keep up with when your debut album ain’t even sell more than 11,000 copies! & you had soo many features, but when the talent doesn’t add up with the sound, this is what happens. Tighten up. Better days.” 

Coi hasn’t responded, but the ‘Blick Blick’ rapper has been keeping busy these days. Over the weekend, she attended the Breakout tour in Vancouver.

What do you think about Rolling Ray and Coi Leray’s exchange?

China Lovelace