Coi Leray Shows Off Her Mother's Hot Banana Pudding On TikTok

Coi Leray Shows Off Her Mother’s Hot Banana Pudding On TikTok

When it comes to popular desserts in the Black community, we have several options. Peach cobbler, 7-Up cakes, bread pudding, and the list goes on. Especially around the holiday season, tons of folks whip up these desserts, but you know how Black folks are, we don’t trust everyone’s cooking. Many are called, but not everyone is qualified to buss out these desserts unless you really know your way around the kitchen!

Today, Coi Leray shared a video on TikTok of her mother’s homemade Banana pudding, but it wasn’t presented in a way that some of us could easily identify. In the video, which has over 153k views, Coi is seen taking a scoop of the pudding out of a pan while it’s steaming hot. Coi said, “Alright, so this is the real homemade Banana pudding made by my mama. Still fresh and hot.” She also mentioned that she would be putting a video on her YouTube series ‘Cooking With Coi Leray’ ASAP.


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Now I’m not the best cook in the world, and I haven’t made the dessert from scratch, but when I have eaten the dessert, I do prefer it cold, with Bananas, Vanilla Wafers, and a dab of Cool Whip on top! So Coi’s mother’s version definitely raised some eyebrows and sparked up quite a conversation. Surprisingly some of the Roommates weren’t opposed to eating the dessert hot.

One commented, “Lmfao, these comments are JOKES. Yall have literally never had REAL banana pudding if it’s not baked IN THE OVEN. Ya’ll probably be using the quick pudding mix, doing the easy one!”

Another Roommate commented,“ OMG, I’m so surprised, so many Black people haven’t had hot banana pudding. It’s amazing. I definitely thought it was a Black thing.” There is more than one way to cook or bake anything, so I definitely can say that I learned something new today — but I still will be eating the dessert cold!

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