Coi Leray Tweets About Money Not Filling 'That Gap' Despite How Much You Have

Coi Leray Tweets About Money Not Filling ‘That Gap’ Despite How Much You Have

Roommates, conversations about the correlation between money and happiness are constantly happening. It’s truly one of the oldest debates. Some people believe that money doesn’t make you happy, while others see happiness according to their bank accounts. Coi Leray recently offered her take on the debate. She took to Twitter to speak on the the “gap” remaining despite cashing big checks.

Coi Leray kept her thoughts about money straight to the point in her tweet.

“So Much money coming in, I act like it’s not even there,” she tweeted on Saturday afternoon. “Fr.. you can have all the money and material things in the world but it still don’t fill that gap. If you know what. I mean.”

The tweet comes with a hint of cryptic messaging. This is because Coi doesn’t provide any true clarity on what that “gap” is suppose to be about. She leaves it up to the reader on social media to formulate their own thoughts. However, as expected, some tweet responses took the route of asking Coi to share her wealth if it wasn’t satisfying her. One user, by the handle @2Chickencurry, challenged Coi to “give the money to someone who ain’t got and see the happiness it brings them.” The same user then included themselves in a follow-up tweet to Coi’s original post.

“Girllll you betta cashapp me some then because I can totally buy happiness with money,” @2Chickencurry tweeted.


Though it is unclear which gap she speaks about, some fingers point towards the public falling out between Coi and her father Benzino. The father-daughter duo spent time on social media earlier this year throwing harsh words. Benzino fueled the fire after he publicly responded to Coi’s original comments on being parented by him.

“F**k all that,” Benzino said in an Instagram post.  “I don’t like that. Coi was raised in mansions and had everything she ever asked for. My other 2 sons are grown and would never say these things. It’s wrong and f**k who thinks different. Her mother has a lot to do with this slimey s**t anyway.”

Coi quickly fired back via Instagram live alleging Benzino was only interested in “making noise” because her music was charting. In late April, the two seemed to hash things with Benzino revealing they’d spoken on the phone while also posting an apology to Coi on Instagram.

Roomies, thoughts on money and happiness?

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