International superstar #Shakira has been involved in an ongoing tax evasion investigation by the Spanish government. They are accusing the singer of not paying her taxes for years 2011-2014, but Shakira argues that she was never a resident of Spain rather a resident of the Bahamas and filed her taxes accordingly. Authorities have gone as far as interviewing her hairstylist and combing through photo agencies just to verify her whereabouts.

The only reason why Spain isn’t buying her story is because during this time frame, Shakira was dating her longtime boyfriend #BarcelonaFutbolClub soccer player #GerardPiqué. Spanish law states that if anyone who visits the country for more than 183 days then they are considered a resident and must pay taxes on income.

Unfortunately, this sums up to about $25 million just for 2011 which Shakira has already paid! The investigation for the years 2012-2014 remain ongoing according to El Periodico.

Now, Shakira’s legal team says that she spent a lot of time abroad and made no effort to hide her income, citing any misunderstandings as “a difference in criteria.” However, it’s up to the district attorney and the Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria (Spanish Tax Agency) to determine whether or not tax fraud charges will be brought against Shakira.

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