Countess Vaughn Stepped Into The Shade Room To Give Us The Tea On Her Weight Loss Journey! 

Countess Vaughn Stepped Into The Shade Room To Give Us The Tea On Her Weight Loss Journey! 

Hollywood Diva Countess Vaughn stepped into The Shade Room with your girl Talia O. this week and honey, she has arrived! I spoke with the actress about how she’s helping women to love their bodies with her #YouBetterLoveYourself campaign as well as her decision to have weight loss surgery! 

She’s been apprehensive to talk about the surgery in public, because quite frankly, some of y’all don’t know how to act! Countess had received some backlash for her infamous thong picture, but she is ready to show her new body off no matter what anyone has to say! 
 I immediately noticed that Countess’s voice was different… On Hollywood Divas, we learned of her thyroid condition and how complications from swelling could lower her tone at times. Well, she sounded great when I spoke to her and that’s because her new thyroid medication has reduced swelling in her throat region, so now she sounds like herself.
Countess just had her 37th birthday on August 8th and what better way to celebrate than with a new look? “I feel good!” she said. “I got a mommy make-over which means I got a full body lipo.” Her doctor did a “damn good job”, as she says! She looks amazing as you guys can see. Anyway, Countess had the 8-hour non-invasive procedure done and was out the same day. She said she’d go through it all over again, including the 14 holes left in her body! 

The first scene from this week’s premiere of Hollywood Divas is actually from the following day, so all of the swelling has definitely gone down by now. 
Going through something so serious on tv was difficult because viewers weren’t as supportive of her journey as she would have thought. “The audience was in on it the whole time from beginning to end! They saw the surgery, they saw my body swell and then assumed, ‘Oh, she hasn’t done anything’, so it made me understand how people are and gave me tougher skin.” Rest assured that Miss Countess Vaughn is paying y’all dust though! 

In addition to her new surgery, she’s hired a personal chef that’s been helping her to stay on track, so now she feels great on the inside. Plus, her thyroid condition is getting better too! She is one snatched diva! 
Roommaes, can y’all believe that Moesha will celebrate its 20th year anniversary this coming January and The Parkers just celebrated its 16th year anniversary?!

 If anything else, I had to give Countess her 10’s, because she was on two television shows that I had grown up with and she’s always been so real with her fans! I told her that we all just want our celebrities to be raw with us, because it’s not like we don’t have the same issues and insecurities. She told me, “Only the strong survive. You’ve gotta keep it going and know who you are regardless of what anyone says. That’s why it’s so important to love yourself and to be sure about yourself.”

We love us some Countess Vaughn and can’t wait for you guys to get into season 2 of Hollywood Divas! Catch them every Wednesday at 9pm on TV One!

TSR Intern: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on Instagram & @tallyohhh on Twitter! 


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