Courtney Love's Uber Ride Gets Interrupted By Taxi Mob!!

Courtney Love’s Uber Ride Gets Interrupted By Taxi Mob!!

Lord! Taxi drivers in France are beefing with Über drivers and they want the world to know!  Unfortunately for Courtney Love, she got to see how bad the tension really is first hand! 

Love took to social media to rant about the horrifying ordeal that took place while riding in an Über in Paris. She describes the attack as an ambush as she tweets: 

Apparently, the taxi drivers are angry that Über makes it so that their drivers do not have to pay licensing fees in order to become a driver. In response, taxi drivers have made it their duty to send a message by harassing über drivers.

Courtney wanted no parts in the attack and dipped out by paying two motorcyclists to get her out of there! 



Although Courtney strongly urged Kanye to not even come to Paris, he is there now at the Louis Vuitton menswear fashion show. As long as he doesn’t take an über, he should be fine. 

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