CPS Takes Boy After TikTok Shows Him Wrapped In Saran Wrap

Mother Says CPS Took Toddler Away After Viral TikTok Video Showed Him Wrapped From Neck Down In Saran Wrap

Child Protective Services removed a young toddler from his mother’s care after a viral TikTok video circulated online showing the boy being wrapped up in Saran Wrap, the mom claims.

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Savanah Glembin, a famous TikToker who boasts a following of over 1.1 million and upwards of 42 million likes, choked back tears in a follow-up video as she explained that CPS took her son Gunner away this week.

CPS Intervenes After Viral Video Shows Young Child Being Wrapped In Saran Wrap From Neck Down

The viral video in question shows the boy being pushed around while his father, Hank, wrapped him up on the cling film from the neck down.

But her followers were not amused at the stunt, with hundreds of commenters expressing concern about Gunner’s well-being, despite the fact that Glembin said the family was just joking around.

“(This was) ‘just a funny thing Hank did because Gunner was getting into the stove that day and tried putting a fork in a socket’, she said in the clip.

The New York Post reports that the video went viral after a TikTok user with the handle @auntkaren0 called Glembin out for what she described as disturbing content.

“I don’t understand how putting your toddler in an uncomfortable position is funny and then posting it for views. Not only did you not just do this for your own entertainment, you thought this was going to be everybody’s entertainment,” @auntkaren0 wrote.

“The Biggest Mistake Of My Life” Mother Says In Tearful Apology Video

Glembin was contrite about the video and apologized to her fans, calling it “the biggest mistake of my life,” but noted that the boy “was laughing and smiling” and “out of the plastic in under five minutes.”

“I made the biggest mistake of my life posting this video. Genuinely and truly, he was laughing and smiling and was out of the plastic in under five minutes.”

Critics Slam Mom For Viral Video And Follow-Up Apology: ‘That Baby Appeared Scared’

The apology video was not all well-received, with other users criticizing Glembin for saying Gunner was not in harm’s way when the clip was filmed. One commenter said the boy “appeared scared” and “looks like he’s been crying,” countering Glembin’s claim that the boy was laughing and smiling.

“I’m confused because you say he was smiling and happy, but he looks like he’s been crying and is exhausted???” one user wrote. Another said, “That baby had some glossy eyes, appeared scared and for DCFS to take the child for that video alone surprises me. I think there is more to this story.”

Follow-Up Video Shows Boy Has Since Been Reunited With His Family

Other commenters weren’t as harsh on Glembin, telling her this is a lesson for her to learn from, and the “sometimes life comes with hard lessons”

“Sometimes life comes with hard lessons. He won’t be taken away forever, but this was a lesson that needed to be learned. That wasn’t okay,” one TikTok user wrote.

Glembin added that she has considered turning her TikTok page private after the inundation of hate messages and comments she’s received in the wake of the video and CPS intervention. She also revealed that she doesn’t make money off of her videos, and therefore didn’t profit from the controversial video in question.

Meanwhile, a follow-up video shows that Gunner has been reunited with his family. It’s unclear how long he was in CPS custody for before being returned to his home.


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