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Cutting It In The ATL: What Are Snatch & Grabs And How Have They Effected The Hair Salon Community?

On last week’s episode of Cutting It In The ATL, the growing issue of Snatch &Grabs have been revealed by Maja.

Once upon a time, 150 bundles of hair was stolen from one of Maja’s shops and she even said that the damages costed her between $8,000-9,000! We’re sure you can imagine what that did to her pockets! Following this incident, Maja decided to beef up security and add cameras to her store. Well in doing so she discovered that the robberies happening could have been an inside job. The tape revealed that an employee purposely left money in her register when she was closing down the shop when she should have left it in the safe, which is standard policy. 
Coincidentally, on the night that the employee did this, the cameras also caught another break in where the thief knew exactly where to go to get money, which was the same register the employee left the money in. She was fired on the spot.
For those who don’t know much about the hair care industry, *human hair (not horse or dog or synthetic hair) tracks can get really expensive. The hair care industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, which according to Mint, a market research firm, black hair care has totals in the $700 million dollar range. However, according to The Huffington Post, when you add in anything weave related such as hair extensions, salons, beauty supply stores and styling tools, etc., then those expenditures total around $500 billion! 

As you can see, being involved in some part of the [black] hair care industry is very lucrative, however the thievery is becoming a huge problem! Many hair salons and beauty supply stores are being targeted for their luscious bundles of hair, and oftentimes, they’re inside jobs, as shown in last week’s episode, which ultimately leads to loss of business and even increased tension and lack of trust between salon employees and store owners.

This all just goes to show you that there are real risks in owning companies in general but in specific hair care companies. The profit is great but in order to keep it you have to be wise. Let’s chat below!!


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