Whew Chile! Y’all should definitely be careful what you say out here in these social media streets because it will come back to haunt you! About five years back, Cyn Santana joined Angela Yee on her ‘Lip Service’ podcast, and her comments about black men’s preferences have followed her ever since.

In a recent sit down with the ladies of ‘The Real‘, Cyn once again addresses her comments, and even offers an apology to anybody she may have offended. If you recall, during the conversation between Cyn and Angela, Cyn implied that black men prefer to be in relationships Latina women over black women.

In fact, her exact words were: “Black guys cater to us Spanish girls, specially. You know what, let me not even get into that. I didn’t mean it like that, but you know, black girls are going to take it personally.”

After receiving a lot of backlash for what she said, Cyn is waving the white flag. She says not only was she young, but she didn’t properly express herself to make her point. She also says that period of time was a very tough part of her life.

“I feel like I poorly articulated myself, and I irresponsibly repeated something that I heard in my teenage years,” she says “And I think people took that message wrongly, that’s not what I meant. And for that I apologize.”

Despite Cyn saying this happened years ago, before she matured and had her son, some folks are just not buying it! A lot of people are giving Cyn flack, and asserting that she said what she said, and she should stand by that.

Cyn, however, has had a change of heart. She says she only spoke on what she had experienced, and asks everyone to forgive her for making such a general statement.

What are your thoughts, Roomies? Did Cyn mean what she said, or is all forgiven? Let us know in the comments!