Da Baby Issues An Apology After Viral Video Shows Him Hitting A Fan

Da Baby Issues An Apology After Viral Video Shows Him Hitting A Fan

Last night Da Baby made an appearance in Tampa, however, things didn’t end too well after he was spotted hitting a fan in the crowd. Footage from the event showed that the fan had a light in his face, in return he was seen hitting the fan.

As the video began to go viral, Da Baby took to social media to tell his side of what happened, and what caused him to react in that manner. He said, “I got $10,000 for whoever got a good angle. Shawty hit me in my eye with her phone.”

He proceeded to post another clip from the incident to prove that she had the phone all up in his face, and that it made contact with his face. He put a caption on the video and said, “Who know shawty government name, so my lawyer can get active?”

Shortly after, Da Baby took to social media to issue a public apology to the fan. He said in a video posted to his Instagram story, “I do sincerely apologize. I’m very sorry that was a female on the other end of that flashlight on that phone. But you know, keep in mind I couldn’t see you cause you have a flash that’s this close to me, which is okay, it’s no problem. A lot of people did, they didn’t put it as close as you put it, but a lot of people had flash on me and that’s okay, that’s what I signed up for, that’s the risk I take when I’m coming to put on a show for my fans.”

He continued to suggest that the fan should have zoomed in with her phone instead of hitting him in the eye.

Check out his full apology below:

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources said that the victim said Da Baby had the wrong person when he hit her. She claims it was the woman next to her who actually hit him. Once authorities arrived, Da Baby had already left the venue, and the woman that was hit didn’t have any visible injuries, and she refused EMS attention when she was asked if she needed treatment.


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