Da Baby is truly dedicated to his fans and Thursday night he showed his dedication after he was forced to miss a show in his hometown of Charlotte.

He was in the process of traveling from New York City to Charlotte, NC for Power 98 FM‘s Winter Block Party at the Bojangle’s Coliseum. However, he wasn’t able to make the show because the jet he was on had experienced some technical difficulties.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop him from putting on a show for his fans. Thanks to technology, he was able to explain to the crowd first hand the unfortunate reason why he was not able to make it to the show. He also used the opportunity to perform a few of his hits for his fans straight through the phone.

On his Instagram account, he also expressed dis disappointment of not being able to perform in his hometown. He posted a photo to his story and said, “Maintenance issue on this weak a** jet.” He then posted another video to show his fans that he was truly sorry about the situation, and upset about it as well.

Check it out below:

Da Baby has been having one amazing year. He dropped not one, but two successful projects. Back in March, he dropped his “Baby on Baby,” album and then followed up with his “Kirk” album in September. With the success of both albums, he was able to earn a Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance nomination for the 2020 Grammy Awards.


TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94