DaBaby Has A Math Lesson With Young Fans Trying To Sell Him Candy For $200

DaBaby Has A Math Lesson With Young Fans Trying To Sell Him Candy For $200

Whew! DaBaby was out and about over the weekend and found himself giving some of his young fans a math lesson as they were out getting their hustle on! DaBaby spotted two young fans selling candy and looking for donations when he pulled out a bank roll to help them out.

In a video posted to his Instagram page, DaBaby asked the young men what types of donations they were looking for, and how much they wanted per box, and Baby was shocked to hear they wanted $200 each! The young men explained they sell each pack of candy for $2, and the math was not mathing for DaBaby.

“$2 for them? So how is that $200? Let’s count it,” DaBaby said. “How much is 34 times 2 my boy? It ain’t $200 my boy.”

DaBaby did end up purchasing candy from the young men, handing them $2 each, but as he returned to his bus, he explained that he used to sell candy as a youngin’ too!

“You gotta use your head man, I was gonna bless you but you tried to play me,” he said. “You woulda got the $200 now you got $2. I used to sell candy too I know how this sh*t go, I was selling candy in middle school.”


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While some fans thought DaBaby should have given the boys the money, others felt the principle outweighed the coins, and the boys should have been honest about the pricing.

“It’s about the lesson,” one fan commented. “Don’t try to get over on people, when you’re honest you get more in the long run… You can tell he was raised old fashioned and we need to see more of this. Get out and work for it. Don’t nothing come easy.

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