Dallas Woman Was Wrongfully Evicted From Her Apartment

Dallas Woman Was Wrongfully Evicted From Her Apartment Complex After Management Made A Mistake

Roommates, yall know how expensive it is when you move, let alone move to another state. You have to have your first and last month’s rent, security deposit, secure an apartment, find movers, and all of that before you can even start your journey. For a 23-year-old single mother of two who recently moved from Chicago to Dallas, her worse nightmare just happened when her apartment complex mistakenly evicted her from her apartment. Brianni Bonner returned home last Saturday, unable to get into her unit at the Riviera Apartments because her locks were changed. Brianni explained, “The maintenance man pulls up and tells me I’m going to go to jail because it’s against the law for me to get into my apartment,” according to WFAA.

About 80% of Brianni and her four-year-old son’s belongings were thrown in a dumpster, including her medication for PTSD and anxiety. The rest of their items were unfortunately stolen. She said she felt like everything was taken from her. According to Brianni, management for Riviera Apartments made a mistake and was supposed to evict the tenants from apartment 1712. Brianni lived in apartment 1721. When she was allowed back inside her apartment hours later, it was empty, and maintenance had repainted as well.

Although this was a mistake on the property’s end, Brianni and her son are left without the necessities they need to live. When speaking with WFAA, she alleges the property only offered to give her $200. “She told me, all they would be able to do for me is to give me a $200 visa debit card. It was definitely a slap in the face,” Brianni said. The young mother said the situation left her depressed. “I’m paying my rent. I’m trying to save up to go to school. It’s so stressful, and I have to start all over,” she said.

Currently, she has set up a GoFundMe account where she raised $25,823, which exceeded her goal of $20,000.

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