Darius Jackson Files Restraining Order Against Keke Palmer

UPDATE: Darius Jackson Files Restraining Order Against Keke Palmer

Just weeks after Keke Palmer was granted a temporary restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson, the tables have now turned.

According to TMZ, Jackson has filed a domestic violence restraining order against the actress as he accuses her of abuse throughout their two-year relationship.

Darius Jackson Accuses Keke Palmer Of Abuse

On Tuesday (December 19), Jackson filed the legal docs in Los Angeles, stating that the Disney alum had repeatedly engaged in abusive conduct towards him and acted as the primary aggressor during their time together.

Additionally, he accused Palmer of verbal and physical abuse and mentioned one incident in August 2021 when she allegedly became so aggressive that she “punched” him in the face.

Palmer’s alleged out-of-control behavior, according to Jackson, forced her friend, Lenoria Addison, to restrain her.

In support of his suit, Jackson provided screenshots of alleged text messages between him and Palmer, where she apologized for getting physical with him. “I am sorry for hitting you,” one of the messages read.

He Previously Asked The Judge To Dismiss The Restraining Order Against Him

Last week, Jackson filed a counterclaim to dismiss the restraining order Palmer had filed in December, which prevented him from being near her or their nine-month-old son, Leodis.

He provided several other instances where the ‘Nope’ actress allegedly lost her cool on him in an attempt to prove to the court he was never the initiator in their quarrels.

Jackson further alleged in his court docs that Palmer had “violently” gripped onto him back in October 2021 when he planned to watch a football game at a local restaurant.

“We exchanged a text about this incident, and I sent her a photo of the marks she left on my arm that night,” he wrote.

Despite Palmer’s alleged attempts in trying to get him to stay at home, Jackson still went to watch the football match. He claims his decision to leave the property prompted her to send the text message reading, “We’re DONE.”

Jackson attached a photo from the aftermath of the fight, showing several marks on his arm which he alleges had stemmed from Palmer’s outburst.

Alcohol Played A Part In Keke’s Alleged Outbursts, He Claimed

Jackson asserts that alcohol played a significant part in why Palmer would become so irate with him. In March 2023, the lawsuit claims she called him a “b****” and a “punk a** loser” for not being able to fix the drain in the bathroom.

He claimed to have tried to de-escalate the situation, but the mom of one would “became more enraged,” leaving him with no choice but to step out of the house to avoid further conflict between the pair.

Palmer had allegedly been drinking alcohol on multiple occasions before she would unleash her alleged foul-mouthed tirades on him – and this, according to Jackson, became an ongoing cycle up to when they decided to split for good.

Palmer has not responded to Jackson’s restraining order filing.

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