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“Dark Skinned” Activist Says Kendrick Lamar’s Fiancée Isn’t Black Enough And He Should Be BoyCotted !!

According to a “dark skinned activist,” Kendrick Lamar is unsupportable because of his relationship with his “light skinned” fiancée, Whitney Alford.

Rashida Strober, a self-professed “Dark Skinned Activist” called K Dot “another fake conscious mutherf*cker” and wants other dark skinned girls to boycott his music as well.



“Dark Skin is the essence of true blackness,” Stober shared in a later Facebook post in defense to her initial statement, “and if these fakers were really conscious they would marry dark skinned women.”

Strober runs a “Dark Skin Is Beautiful” campaign where apparently she promotes dark skinned power. Too bad she won’t be getting the support she’s looking for either because her ignorant statements fired up a lot of people in the social media world:





Yeah, she definitely took a major fail for this one! Let’s chat below!  

Source sited: bossip, (http://bossip.com/1126032/eff-yo-ethnicity-dark-skinned-activist-refuses-to-support-kendrick-lamars-music-because-his-fiancee-is-too-light/

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