#Roommates, if you currently have a profile on the dating app Plenty Of Fish—and have a habit of filtering your photos into oblivion, well there’s some bad news for you.

In an effort to increase authenticity and to provide a more open, honest experience for users, popular dating app Plenty Of Fish has made a bold move by deciding to officially ban the use of all filtered photos on profiles. According to @dailymirror, the company will embark on a full audit of the 70 million images on its platform, by removing any images that they consider to be overly filtered. Newly uploaded photos will also undergo the same strict guidelines.

If you’re wondering what specific photos POF is placing under intense scrutiny, here are the details. One of the main photo issues will focus on lens filters, such as those heavily used and popularized by social media apps like Snapchat. Those filters allow you to place digital images onto the user’s face to create a filter effect that changes your appearance to hide blemishes, look thinner and more.

The strict change comes after POF conducted a recent survey of 2,000 single people in the U.S. and 84% stated that they wanted more authenticity in their dating experience on online dating apps. Additionally, 52% of those surveyed also admitted they thought photo filters should be banned from dating apps, and 30% said they have avoided messaging someone on a dating app because their photos were too heavily filtered. This ultimately led POF to encourage current users to present true, unedited photos of themselves on their profiles.

The survey continued to find other interesting results as well, such as 65% saying they prefer more detailed information on dating profiles instead of just an influx of photos. Meanwhile, 70% would like their personal profile to be more reflective of who they are instead of largely filled with photos that don’t express their true selves.

Welp, it seems like “catfishing” may finally be coming to an end.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?