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Daughter Stabs Mother To Death With Kitchen Knife 

A Long Island woman completely lost it and fatally stabbed her mother to death while in a heated argument.

56-year-old lawyer Susan Grossman-Kerner, was known to have a history of mental illness and took it to the max when she was arguing with her 79-year-old mother about her illness.

They were discussing Kerner’s ongoing medical condition when she took a knife and attacked her mother, leaving her bleeding from her head and neck.

A Neighbor of the family said they kind of anticipated something tragic like that to  happen for a long time. Say what?!

A neighbor told the news “they are a very unstable family. There were blood-curdling screams coming from that house in the past. Screaming, yelling, cursing- it was pretty wild.”

Kerner ended up pleading not guilty to murder charges and was held without bail.

Her lawyer made a statement that she suffers from psychiatric problems and is on suicide watch.

Source Cited: NY Post


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