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Day26 Has Thoughts On Being Left Off The New Millennium Tour

#Roommates, as we all continue to bow down to Omarion’s legendary unbotheredness and chess moves as it relates to Fizz, Apryl and the rebooted Millennium Tour—R&B group Day26 has some thoughts on why they weren’t included in the new line-up.

Earlier this week, Omarion set the Internet on fire when he announced the brand new line-up for the Millennium Tour…a tour that would not feature his group B2K. Of course we all know the reason why, but fellow group members J-Boog and Raz B congratulated O on his new tour—but the main source of the drama, Fizz, has not.

Anyway, the new additions of Bow Wow, Sammie, Ying Yang Twins, Pretty Ricky and Soulja Boy have fans excited to get their tickets for round two. However one group is apparently feeling some type of way about being left out. “Making The Band” group Day26 took to social media to express their opinion about not being on the tour, in a since-deleted post on Instagram.

The post was a picture of the Millennium Tour flyer with a simple caption that read: “????…………………” While many fans argued that Day26 wasn’t exactly from the millennium era since their debut album dropped in 2008, other fans of the group also questioned why they were not on the line-up.

The post wasn’t up too long before it was deleted, so perhaps the group had a change of heart or maybe there were some behind-the-scenes talks about them possibly joining the rest of the guys in future. Either way with or without Day26, fans will be lining up for this one.


Roommates what are your thoughts on this?


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