Dear TSR, I'm Sad To Say It But I Am No Longer A Jussie Smollet Fan!!

Dear TSR, I’m Sad To Say It But I Am No Longer A Jussie Smollet Fan!!

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Dear TSR, 

I love you guys and I know how much the Roommates love Jussie Smollet but I’m here to tell you his sweet boy looks are a FAKE!! I don’t even know where to begin I’m so disappointed in my encounter with him! But anyways here’s the story:

So basically I’m just leaving dinner with my boo and we decided to go outside and wait for a cab. It was real quiet and not busy at all when out of nowhere I see a weird light skinned guy run to a black  SUV that had just pulled up. When I squinted to take a closer look, I’m like OMG that’s Jussie Smollet! So being the true Empire fan that I am I try to go over and get a pic. This arrogant and rude a-hole has the audacity to yell ‘No!’ at me while he’s shaking his head and hand at me like I’m some type of peasant in his Queendom! Not only that but then he rolls down the window of his car and starts yelling at his own family for being too slow as if anyone was even chasing after them in the first place! He then looks at me and says “what’s up” and I told his ass off! I’m no longer a fan and to think I’m over at the Essence Festival thinking to myself if I ever met Jussie my trip would be complete. Clearly I need to be careful about whet I ask for !


Jamal Lyon You Aint Right !


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