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De’arra Taylor And Ken Walker Announce Their Separate YouTube Channels

Today marked the end of an “arra” that many fans of YouTubers De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker weren’t ready for. The YouTube stars and once “relationship goals” announced they created starting separate channels. After a two-month hiatus, De’arra and Ken dropped a new video that surprised some of their subscribers. Over 700k people tuned into the nearly ten-minute video, which trended on YouTube at number one to hear the reasoning behind the separation.

On their DK4L channel, De’arra and Ken took viewers back down memory lane by showing videos from the past and thanked their subscribers for supporting them for nearly seven years. While saying this wasn’t “the end,” both plugged their new channels and gave viewers a rundown of what they can expect. De’arra shared she would be vlogging, showing off her cooking skills, shopping, traveling, and more. Ken advised his channel would consist of daily vlogs, awareness projects, and health and wellness. De’arra did refer to the question if she and Ken would be deleting the channel. “We have seen a lot of questions. The main question is, will we be posting on this channel? We don’t know the future,” she answered.

However she did clarify that the channel would be here to stay, so viewers can continue to watch the posted videos along with their other combined channel. As the video continued, Ken said they weren’t going to unfollow each other on Instagram and weren’t deleting any pictures. There has been a lot of speculation that De’arra and Ken are beefing, which she took the time to clarify. “No, we’re aren’t beefing, Ken & I have no hate, no bad blood, none of that we good.”

De’arra left the biggest question unanswered in viewers’ minds, which was her relationship status. She nor Ken confirmed or denied that they were still a couple. While the news had De’arra trending on Twitter, many commended her for being single. Although she didn’t confirm, she did like the tweet, “De’arra and Ken just told us they broke up without saying they broke up,” which raised a few eyebrows.

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