Could This Be The Decline Of Lil Yachty's Career? Yachty Shares His Thoughts On Disappointing First Week Album Sales

Could This Be The Decline Of Lil Yachty’s Career? Yachty Shares His Thoughts On Disappointing First Week Album Sales

Lil Yachty dropped his anticipated album “Teenage Emotions” last week (May 26th) and let’s just say his first week sales were nothing to celebrate.

Despite Yachty garnering huge success and building a rather larger than life fanbase, his first week of sales only pulled 46,000 units. Bryson Tiller, on the other hand, who was on a little hiatus, came back strong pulling 106,570, giving him his first #1 album ever. Kendrick Lamar’s fourth studio album, “DAMN,” came in again at #2 while Drake’s “More Life” and Lil Yachty’s album came in at the #4 and #5 slot.

Lil Yachty seems to be holding his head high despite the disappointing album sales and claims he is putting more work in than ever. He also noted that the purpose of this album was not necessarily to do numbers, but more of a gift to fans.

In a long Instagram message, he wrote:

“I didn’t make this 21 project for the old reviews and bloggers. I made it for real Lil yachty fans who have been dying for new music from me… that’s why I put so many songs. that’s why it’s mostly just me. Because it’s from me to you.

I mean you gotta give the boy some slack, this is his first album release prior to his previously released mixtapes Lil’ Boat and Summer Songs 2 charted in 2016. Lil Yachty also mentions that he felt his overnight success was more so on his image rather than the public actually take a listen to his music. “I understand first week numbers didn’t do what most people expected but that’s only because they don’t understand me. They don’t understand us. I don’t expect anybody to. I make it for those who listen. I feel like my brand is so big and blew up so big, it blew up bigger than my actual music.

The whole brand of Lil Yachty and the image he has obstructed around his character has helped him to reach the ears of seasoned artists in the music industry. For Yachty, he’s not only using his weak album sales for a major comeback but for a fuel to prove to everyone out there, Lil Yachty is here to stay.

With this being my last few months of being a teenager I am just living with no regrets having fun and enjoying life. And that’s what I did with this album. I’m glad I made it and I personally love it,” he added. “To my fans. I appreciate you for riding this journey with me. I love you guys always and forever. F–k the outsiders.. do you. See you on tour.”

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