Deelishis Says Drake Was The Best She Ever Had And It Sounds Like She Got His Beef Cake On Speed Dial!!

Deelishis Says Drake Was The Best She Ever Had And It Sounds Like She Got His Beef Cake On Speed Dial!!

Looks like the Flavor of Love reality star, Deelishis, really moved on to bigger and better things since Flava Flave! And when we say bigger and better things we mean, Drake!

Deelishis did an interview on  Kandi Burruss’ online adult show, Kandi Koated Nights, last month where she indirectly dished that Drake was hitting it in all the right places!

Kandi: So what’s the best you ever had

Deelishis: There’s this guy…this rapper guy..he sometimes sings in his raps.

Kandi’s Co-Host: He’s a rapper from Toronto

Deelishis: laughs

Kandi: So he’s actually good in bed.

Deelishis: He’s excellent in bed.

Kandi’s Co-Host: Deelishis, you been on your worst behavior. Deelishis started from the bottom now she here.

She also makes it clear that she can sit on it whenever she wants to because she and Drake only have a friends with benefits relationship and were never serious. She says she does (as in presently) enjoy herself and that they can still have sex! I wonder how Drake’s new model chick, Bernice Burgos, feels about that?

She also talks about her relationship with Wiz and how she never broke up his and Amber’s relationship:

So here’s Wiz, he’s a really nice guy. He’s cool. He’s a stoner. They got together and I thought it was a really nice union. However, when I was approached with going out to the concert or whatever– I’m still a woman– and I don’t know her personally so I don’t have any responsibility or any loyalty to ‘Yo, I can’t talk to you because you were once married to Amber Rose.’ No, she’s one that I respect as an entertainer but I don’t know her. So I obliged. And from the that that happened, then I was a problem because I was breaking up a marriage or a happy home. No. I was not around when that house was being wrecked. I don’t know anything about the wrecking of that home. I just said ok to an offer to go to a concert and we became friends. But as it became a big frenzy, I felt a little uncomfortable. But we’re still cool.”

Another topic they had to talk about was her relationship with Flava Flave! She says she has never slept with him but would have had the opportunity presented it self because she genuinely liked him. But honestly, I can’t lie I am very shocked that Drake is good in the bedroom! I wonder if Deelishis is the “BBW who likes to suck you dry and then eat some lunch with you” that Drake was talking about? Click here To Catch The Full Interview!! Let’s chat below!!

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