#Roommates, looks like #Desiigner had a rocky time while he’s been overseas performing for his fans. Apparently on a flight from Sweden to Germany, Desiigner hit a rough patch with a Scandinavian Airlines crew and was kicked off a flight.


Now it seems Desiigner was kicked off for reportedly threatening the airlines crew but Desiigner got on his Instagram to share his version of what happened. In his IG story, Desiigner admits, YES, he did turn up on the airlines crew but only AFTER they allegedly put their hands on him first.


Desiigner goes on to specifically point out one woman in particular that allegedly got handsy with him. Needless to say, he wasn’t feeling it at all! In his story he says: “They kicked me off my flight because this b**** put her hands on me,” the rapper said. “They always try to make the black man play the white card and it’s like I’m tired of trying to be victim of that sh**.”


The Airlines spoke with @Blast and said: “We can confirm that we had an incident last night where passengers behaved threatening towards our crew during a flight. Safety is our first priority and threatening behavior towards our passengers and crew is not acceptable.”


Desiigner also mentioned that he was banned from the airlines for a year, but that’s fine because based off his tone it doesn’t seem like he’ll be flying with them if he had the option anyway! SWIPE to see Desiigner’s version of what went down on the flight #Roommates!


Source: https://theblast.com/desiigner-kicked-off-flight-threats/

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