Did Y'all Say Thighstop?! Wingstop Is Now Selling Chicken Thighs Amid National Chicken Wing Shortage

Did Y’all Say Thighstop?! Wingstop Is Now Selling Chicken Thighs Amid National Chicken Wing Shortage

The biggest boss Rick Ross is now going by “The Biggest Thigh Boss” as his chicken wing franchise Wingstop has just announced it will also be serving y’all chicken thighs! We previously reported that we are currently in the middle of a national chicken wing shortage, but Wingstop has y’all covered.

The restaurant announced a virtual brand called “Thighstop” on Monday, which serves Wingstop lovers crispy chicken thighs with or without any of the brands’ many sauce options. The menu also includes breaded boneless thighs.


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If y’all were wondering how to order the crispy thighs, customers can do so through the Thighstop website or through DoorDash. Customers can also order from the Thighstop menu on their phones at any Wingstop location.

After the pandemic hit, the United States fell into a chicken wing shortage, which has caused the price on wings to go through the roof! Wingstop CEO Charlie Morrison told CNN business that chicken thighs are not nearly as expensive.

“The price of wings a year ago was as low as 98 cents per pound,” Morrison said. “Today, it’s at $3.22. So it’s a meaningful difference. Thighs are much less expensive,” noting they are about half the price of wings.

When restaurants were forced to close their dining rooms during the pandemic, chicken wing sales rose, and sales at Wingstop stores grew about 21% in 2020. Morrison says the brand’s goal is to eventually buy all parts of the chicken and the addition of thighs is just the beginning.

“If we can buy all parts of the chicken, not just the breast meat for boneless wings and the wings themselves, we can start to control a little more of the supply chain.”

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