Diddy's Former Assistant: Not Surprised By 2016 Video Of Cassie

Diddy’s Former Assistant Explains Why She Wasn’t Surprised By The Video Of Diddy Attacking Cassie In 2016

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Cassie have yet to react to the viral video of him shoving, kicking, and dragging her in 2016. However, plenty of celebrities and fans have shared their thoughts, from showing the singer moral support to denouncing domestic violence. Now, Diddy’s former assistant, Suzi Siegel, is weighing in as well.

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Here’s What Diddy’s Former Assistant Said

For context, in her Nov. 2023 lawsuit, Cassie accused Sean Combs of repeated incidents of sexual assault, abuse, and trafficking. On May 17, CNN corroborated one of those incidents by exclusively releasing footage of Combs attacking his barefoot ex-girlfriend in March 2016. The brutal beating happened in the hallway of the InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles, which is reportedly closed.

During an exclusive interview with CNN, Diddy’s former assistant Suzi suggested that Cassie being barefoot in the video means she felt “terror.”

“I mean that’s terror. That’s what you would do if there was a fire. Right? You would just run out, grab what you could. I can only imagine looking at that, the fear that she felt that she had to get out of that room in bare feet,” Suzi Siegel said.

For context, Suzi worked with Sean Combs between 2008 and 2009, per her comments to CNN and her LinkedIn account. Though he and Cassie were dating during that time, Suzi said she never witnessed any maltreatment.

“I observed nothing that would lead me to believe…there was no scuttle about it,” Suzi sais. “I never saw him speak hardhly to her or be abusive to her or anything like that.”

Additionally, Suzi Siegel confirmed that she attended parties and rode in the limousines with them and never noticed anything that indicated abuse.

Suzi Siegel Explains Why The Abusive Video Didn’t Shock Her

However, Diddy’s former assistant also claimed that the abusive video ultimately didn’t surprise her.

“…Even though I never saw anything that could corroborate what’s in that lawsuit and what we just saw, there is not one cell in my body that was surprised,” she said.

Diddy’s former assistant clarified that her lack of surprise is not based on facts but on a feeling. She spoke on his power back then, in comparison to Cassie’s as a blossoming artist under his control.

“…but I would say that it’s woman’s intuition. I would say that I was around him a lot and I got a feeling for who he was. I didn’t see anything that could get him in trouble, but I think that the power dynamic in a situation like that especially her at the beginning of her career, so young and beautiful and talented and she hooked herself or became involved with somebody who had so much power. And I felt that working for him, I’m sure the whole team felt that.”  

Suzi added that in her interactions with him, she felt his power. So, to her, she could only imagine how that power seeped into every aspect of Diddy’s life, “especially his relationships.”

Watch the full interview below. 

Meanwhile, the LA County District Attorney’s Office has already publicly acknowledged the viral abuse video. However, they explained why prosecutors are not pursing a criminal case at this time.

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