Diddy Gets Emotional About Celebrating His First Mother's Day Without Kim Porter--" Black Mothers Are The Strongest Beings On The Face Of The Earth"

Diddy Gets Emotional About Celebrating His First Mother’s Day Without Kim Porter–” Black Mothers Are The Strongest Beings On The Face Of The Earth”

Roommates, with Mother’s Day approaching, it is becoming an increasingly emotional time for those who have lost some important women in their lives. We have seen #Diddy and his children publicly deal with the loss of Kim Porter, but it just got a little tougher for them.
In audio released by Essence, Diddy gets emotional about he and his children celebrating their first Mother’s Day without Kim. During the conversation, he speaks on the importance of black mother’s in the household.
“They say time heals all wounds, but when it comes to your mother, I don’t think that’s the case,” he said as he teared up. “When it comes to a category of who has the strongest beings on the face of the earth, it’s black mothers.”
Although not planned, Diddy’s vulnerability during the recording is what he hopes to be a help to others experiencing the same pain he and his family are.
“Diddy hadn’t planned to be this emotionally vulnerable, but he ultimately agreed to release unfiltered, raw audio of his interview,” Essence said in an Instagram post. “He felt that this piece’s potential impact on culture and anyone who had gone through or is experiencing a similar situation weighted more heavily on his personal fears.”
Diddy told Essence that Kim was brought into his life for a reason, and her legacy of love will never be forgotten.
“God sent her to me to teach me something,” he said. “There’s levels to love and especially love between a man and a woman. There’s this place that almost goes beyond friendship where two people actually feel a level of responsibility to love this person forever.”
The Combs family lost Kim Porter back in November 2018 after she battled with a form of pneumonia. Let’s keep them in our prayers in this troubling time.


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