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So for those wondering why #Diddy follows #Cassie’s new boo, #AlexFine, on the ‘Gram, it’s solely not for lurking purposes. Alex reportedly used to train both #Diddy and #Cassie.  

TMZ reports that #Diddy’s personal trainer, #JamalLiggin, “got so busy he hired several trainers as backup, including Alex Fine,” who then reportedly trained #Cassie over the last year. #Cassie and #Diddy broke up a few months back, however, the timeline of the start of her new romance is unclear.

The site reports that #Diddy sources allegedly say that he feels “betrayed” that the man he paid to train his then boo was messing with her on the low-low. #Cassie sources on the other hand, reportedly say that #IssaLie, and their relationship started after the break up. Whew, chile!