DJ Mustard Leaves No Room For Nonsense In His List Of Studio Rules

DJ Mustard Leaves No Room For Nonsense In His List Of Studio Rules

Chile! DJ Mustard is out here making sure folks understand that his studio isn’t the place to act lawless. The famed producer recently posted a photo of his studio rules to his Instagram Story. While it’s unclear whether DJ Mustard is serious or playing games, the interesting guidelines brought laughs and conversation across social media.

His rules go beyond the standard “no eating or drinking” set and ventures into personal choices, gratitude and work ethic. The photo shared shows the rules printed in uppercase font on a white, standard sheet of paper. The official logo for DJ Mustard’s full-service entertainment company 10 Summers Records is placed at the top.

If you didn’t know, the company functions as a record label, management firm, publishing house and production business. According to their Instagram page, they’re based out of Los Angeles, California.

All of that said, let’s get into these actual rules. Both rules one and two focus on physical features.

The first reads “Do not come in here if you’re f****** ugly” while the second dismisses people who didn’t attend the gym prior to the session.

The third rule would be impossible for our mamas to follow as it warns people not to come into his space “to just look at what the f*** [he’s] doing.”

Rules four through six challenges people to look on the bright side and stay there. First, DJ Mustard says “no negative nancy bullsh*t.” The next rule serves as a reminder about who folks are sitting in the studio with.

“Be happy to even breathe the same air as a Grammy award-winning, 100 million record selling n**** like me.”

For rule six, he doubles back saying “high vibes only. No negative s*it.” In rule seven, he lets artists know that he doesn’t hand out sympathy for “lazy ni***s.” Rule eight shows isn’t thirsty for favors out here. Rule nine hops back on the work ethic conversation saying “no small talk come to work.”

Last but not least, rule 10 gives a fair warning about putting thoughts behind speech.

“Think before saying dumb sh*t,” DJ Mustard wrote. “My security is armed and he will drag your a** outta here.”

Check out the rules below:


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