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Domino’s Delivery Goes To The Next Level, Ovens Added To Cars!

Don’t you hate when you order pizza and it arrives cold? Then you gotta either eat a cold pizza, or warm it up once more. Annoying! 

Well, Domino’s has been low key plotting on taking over the pizza deliver business with their Domino’s DXP ( Delivery Expert) service. 

For the past four years they have been working on the delivery car that can change the game. So check this, the car is a modified Chevrolete Spark that’s been tricked out with an oven! Yes, a car with an oven in it!

The whip has space for 80 pizzas, sides, two-liter bottles of soda and dipping sauces. Because of all this high technology and needed space, there is only a drivers seat. 

Now don’t get worried on the safety of the car. In the four year period it’s  been rigorously tested for many different scenarios including “flammability testing, cold weather testing, rain testing and excessive-use, including 10,000 cycles of opening and closing the warming oven door.”

So when is this heat mobile going to hit the streets? So far there are 100 vehicles in production and will be in cities like Boston, Detroit, Houston, New Orleans, San Diego and Seattle.

Advertising is set to begin later this year. 

Will you be ordering more Dominos?

Source Cited: Adweek

TSR Staff: Chinny @Miss_ChinChin on IG! 


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