Donald Trump Explains Why He Calls The Coronavirus The 'Chinese Virus'

Donald Trump Says He Calls The Coronavirus The ‘Chinese Virus’ “Because It Comes From China”

Chile! President Donald Trump is BOLD bold! During everything that is going on with the coronavirus, he frequently refers to the pandemic as the ‘Chinese Virus’.

EXHIBIT A: Donnie calls the virus the ‘Chinese virus’ as he spoke about being supportive of industries such as airline companies.


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#Donnie is getting dragged on #Twitter for using the term “Chinese virus” ????

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EXHIBIT B: You’re not tweaking–this is really how he refers to the coronavirus.

EXHIBIT C: We could really go through the entire alphabet…Here, Donnie speaks on making sure money goes to those who are out of work due to the cirumstances.


During a press conference Wednesday morning, a reporter proceeded to ask Donald Trump on why exactly he refers to the disease as the Chinese virus. This is what he had to say.


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#PressPlay: #Wayment! #Donnie said it & meant it ???? ????: @foxnews

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What are your thoughts on Donald Trump using the term ‘Chinese virus’, and what do you think about his reasoning behind it, Roommates?


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