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#DontMuteDC: D.C. Residents Protest After Gentrifiers Demanded To Have Go-Go Music Silenced

If you take away the politics, one thing Washington, D.C. is known for is its rich culture — particularly it’s #GoGo music scene! If you know, you KNOW! Unfortunately, with gentrification bullying its way into the city, there are some who don’t appreciate the rich creative history the streets of D.C. has to offer–like the tenant of one of the new luxury apartment buildings who threatened to sue if they didn’t “tone it down.” Get into this here tea!
According to The Washington Post, the resident complained to T-Mobile’s Corporate office and the owner of Metro PCS, about the loud thuds caused by the go-go music. Mind you, the shop, which sits on the corner of 7th Street and Florida Avenue NW has been open for business for the last 25 years. We hear that it’s been the shop’s ritual to play go-go music on outdoor speakers daily. T-Mobile’s corporate office didn’t care. They asked the owner, Donald Campbell to tone it down. Initially, he agreed to play “softer jazzier strands of go-go” but it wasn’t the same. Residents refused to have their culture silenced — so they spoke up about it.
Aside from a jumpstarting a petition to “don’t mute DC’s go-go music and culture,” residents have gathered on that block to demonstrate their love for their culture–protesting with live go-go, and other live arts! The hashtag #DontMuteDC also made its way to the scene! One Twitter user contributed to the conversation saying, “You can take the block but you can’t take the culture. The culture is ours and it’s here to stay #DontMuteDC.” Today (Wednesday, April 10),  T-Mobile CEO John Legere said the company will allow the go-go music to continue. “I’ve looked into this issue myself and the music should NOT stop in D.C.!” He tweeted. “@TMobile and @MetroByTMobile are proud to be part of the Shaw community – the music will go on and our dealer will work with the neighbors to compromise volume.”

We salute you, D.C., for standing your ground against gentrification!

Has your city or neighborhood been affected by gentrification?
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