In the past, there have been a few attempts to make a film about the late Marvin Gaye. Many of those projects have not been released, but another well-known name in Hollywood is the next person to work on a film about the singer.

According to Variety, Dr. Dre is in the early stages of working on a film about Marvin Gaye. Sources revealed that he has reportedly secured the rights to the late singer’s music.

In the past, F. Gary Gray, Cameron Crowe, James Gandolfini, Scott Rudin, and actors Jesse L. Martin and Lenny Kravitz, have all tried to bring Marvin Gaye’s story to movie screens.

Dr. Dre’s project is the most recent to be authorized by Gaye’s family since Jamie Foxx landed the rights for a limited series back in 2016.

As many people may know, Dr. Dre’s film credits include the 2015 film “Straight Outta Compton,” which he served as producer, as well as the inspiration, alongside his N.W.A. group members.