Dr. Dre’s Estranged Oldest Daughter Says She Hasn’t Seen Him In 17 Years & Recently Applied For Work As A FedEx Driver—“Money Is Not What I Want”

Dr. Dre’s Estranged Oldest Daughter Says She Hasn’t Seen Him In 17 Years & Recently Applied For Work As A FedEx Driver—“Money Is Not What I Want”

#Roommates, Dr. Dre is currently in the middle of one of the messiest divorces in hip hop history—but apparently his relationship with his oldest daughter is just as drama-filled. In a recent interview, LaTanya Young, shockingly revealed that she hasn’t seen her father Dr. Dre in 17 years, in fact, she doesn’t even have his phone number.

In an exclusive with @DailyMail, LaTanya Young, 37, opened up about the seriously estranged relationship she has with her father, who she says she hasn’t seen in almost 20 years. LaTanya says that despite their practically non-existent relationship, she still hopes that they can come together and repair things one day. She also insisted that she doesn’t want anything from him except a father-daughter relationship, saying “Money is not what I want, I feel better doing it on my own.” LaTanya further stated that she feels “displaced” by not seeing Dr. Dre, “I really just want to have closure. I just want to be able to spend time with my father.”

Although Dr. Dre is estimated to be worth $800 million, LaTanya confirmed that she recently applied for a job as a FedEx driver in order to support her four children and fund her way through nursing school. Dre split with LaTanya’s mother, Lisa Johnson (who has two other children with him,) 53, when she was five years old. Her hope is that now that he’s divorcing Nicole Young, he will finally come around and meet his grandchildren, “I thought that after Nicole was out of the family, things would be better. I thought that my dad would come around. I would like him to make me feel like a daughter.”

She alludes that Dre’s marriage to Nicole is one of the factors for their estrangement, as she stated that communication with him completely broke down shortly after they were married—to the point where in order to reach him, she had to go through several people because she didn’t have his personal phone number.

“I hated going through third parties. If I needed him, I’d have to go to the studio and get bombarded and talked to by his security. I would have to go through his accountant or his right hand man, I would never know whether he got my messages. I have never had a direct line to him,” LaTanya said.

Additionally, she revealed that her financial situation was so bad at one point that she was receiving government assistance. “I was on assistance for a while, it’s embarrassing to say. He did offer to help me with tuition but he never speaks to me. He never set me up to be able to not need him. He never paid for college, he never did anything to help me and my sisters get along,” she said.


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