#Drake is out here charting at the top of all the charts!! To start off, “God’s Plan” is the number one Billboard Hot 100 song of 2018, and he was dubbed Billboard’s top artist of 2018, as well as came in second for the biggest album of the year behind #TaylorSwift.

According to #Billboard, #Drizzy is the “first rap act to be the overall top artist of the year since 2005, and just the third rap artist to lead the category. #50Cent and #Nelly are apparently the only rappers to have been there, done that on the Billboard charts.

Billboard’s year-end music recaps are based on their chart performance from Dec. 2, 2017, to Nov. 17, 2018. What do you think about these end of year lists #Roommates? Who do you think should, or shouldn’t be on the final list?

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