Drake Confirms Run-In With Swedish Police After Team Denied His Arrest

Drake Confirms Run-In With Swedish Police Over Reported Weed Charges After Team Denied His Arrest

Drake seemed to confirm rumors of a run-in with police in Sweden by posting a legal document to his Instagram Sunday after his team denied his arrest reportedly for possession of marijuana.

The document in question was tucked amongst a collection of photos and video of Drake’s recent trip to Ibiza, showing the four-time Grammy award winner partying at a nightclub alongside friends.

Reportedly Arrested For Weed, Yet Drake’s Team Initially Denied Charged

Rumor had it that Drake had been arrested at a Swedish club for marijuana-related charges last week, however, his team would go on to deny the allegations to The Hollywood Reporter, claiming the rapper had not been arrested and was in his hotel on the night in question.

It remains unclear as to why Drake’s team initially denied rumors of his arrest.

 (Courtesy of Drake’s Instagram @ChampagnePapi)

Attributed to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the National Police Board, the document reads “Polisen,” or ‘the police’ in English, with the title “Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained.”

Arrest Document Breaks Down Drake’s Rights Following Sweden Arrest

It essentially breaks down Drake’s rights under Swedish law, much like how Miranda rights are provided to those accused of a crime in the U.S., per TMZ.

Bullet points on the print-out explain how suspects have the right to “know what it is you are being suspected of and why you are being detained.”

It goes on to say that Drake may “receive the aid of a defense attorney who under certain conditions can be paid for by the state,” which likely won’t apply to the multimillionaire who’s net worth in 2022 currently sits around $250 million, according to most recent figures.

The document also states that “if you are not a Swedish citizen, you have the right to demand that your own country’s consulate or equivalent institutions be notified of your detainment and that messages from you be forwarded there.”

The arrest document does mention that he has already been released.

Partying In Ibiza With Friends, As Video Shows Drake In Nightclub

The 35-year-old recently popped up at South Africa producer Black Coffee’s DJ set in Ibiza on Saturday. Video shows Drake enjoying the show and meeting the DJ himself—who could be heard playing The 6 God’s music throughout the set.

The “Falling Back” rapper was also spotted grabbing dinner with friends over the weekend on the infamous party island.


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