As we reported, #PushaTEA had everyone shook when he responded to #Drake’s #DuppyFreestyle diss track. #Pusha spilled some Lipton tea about #Drake—alleging that he has a secret son he’s being a ‘deadbeat’ dad to.

Although #Drizzy explained and responded to the pictures Pusha released of him in blackface, he is yet to respond to any baby allegations.

@TMZ_TV is reporting that #Drake has been financially supporting his alleged baby mama and son since he found out she was preggers.

Some may say it’s financial support, and others may say it’s hush money. Either way, #Drizzy apparently plans to take a DNA test but ‘he feels there’s a slight chance the kid is his,’ according to reports.

What do y’all think #Roommates? Apparently Aubrey was planning to spill all this Lipton about his alleged son on his new album.  He’s yet to respond to #PushaT, but we’re all ears!

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